Retreats are powerful when they bring the right people together at the right time for the right reasons with the right process. Retreats allow us to step away from our daily responsibilities and see each other, our assumptions and our work with a wider lens and a different perspective. Retreats can enable us to access different parts of our hearts and minds, create new curiosity, generate momentum and good will, and move our work forward in powerful ways.

A retreat is a great tool when a group has something important to work on together. Strategy development, conflict resolution, working agreements, a new initiative or action planning are all excellent opportunities for retreats. With a clear focus, a retreat can be an opportunity to innovate, see new possibilities and envision the work of an organization in new and refreshed ways. Retreats can also build organizational muscle for strategic and creative thinking that can be carried back into daily work. A retreat can be an opportunity for taking stock, reflecting together, assessing and refining practice, and providing a turbo boost to specific aspects of work. While a retreat provides a break from the narrow lens of everyday life, it does need to be fully connected to your organizational work. What you bring to the retreat and what you take away should be part of a whole. Retreats are neither separate from your work, nor an end unto themselves; rather, a retreat should move you forward from your status quo.

We offer Retreats in the Hill Country of Texas (near Brady, Texas), In the Rocky Mountains of New Mexico (near Red River, New Mexico) and on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica (Near Manuel Antonio and Dominical)

See our Calendar for a list of available Retreats!

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