AMR – Private Hunting Lodge Membership Packages and Rates -2019/2020 800.277.1647
Family Friendly Private Hunting Memberships Offered on Multiple Ranches totaling 25,000 plus acres of high fenced and low fenced acres separated into 7 locations near the towns of Brady, Caddo, Menard, Hunt,
Christoval and Fort Mckavett, Texas with complete stand and feeder areas, most areas Fed year round with some acreage under MLD3 Management. Offering Whitetails, Exotics, Hogs, Javelina, Spring Turkey, Dove,
Quail, Pheasant, Chukar, Varmints, Skeet and Long Ranges. 7 Lodges, Game Processing areas with Cold Storage, Pools and Private Lakes and River.

How it works…
• This Membership is ideal for busy families that do not have time to set up and maintain a hunting lease. Kids in Sports, Work Schedules etc…
• Grandparents that want to make the most out of hunting with children or grandchildren and would like the help from someone that will retrieve and process harvested animals.
• New hunters that want a safe learning environment. They may even want a guide to show them how to be successful.
• People that are tired of setting up a hunting lease only to have to move again in a couple of years.
• Hunters that are wanting a safe, nice, clean environment to bring a spouse, daughter or guest.
• Hunters that are looking for a hunting lease but have not found one yet. Hunting Lease Gap Year?

Our total Private Hunting Membership are limited on purpose to approximately 80% of our capacity and by how active our members are. We have all types of members. Most are 50-80 years old and hunt an average of 8-10 days per year and are looking for a no hassle place to hunt where stands, feeders and feed is provided. They enjoy a hunting lease with “customer service”. We do have members that use all of their days and even add more days to their membership. Right now, based on
our current membership demographics, we can accommodate up to 150 members on our 25,000 acres. Not all of our members are focused on whitetail. We have members interested in bird and waterfowl only, or exotics only or even just our great fishing. We even have members that have yet to
shoot anything…. They just like a great place to go for hunting season fellowship around the campfire.

• Members Reserve a 2 or 4 day private lodging area and hunting area either online or by phone on a property that they are interested or familiar with. Reservations can be made up to 6 months in
advance. Very similar to reserving on VRBO or AirBnB or most Hotel reservation websites.
• All lodges are run like a Bed & Breakfast with a host couple that cook, clean and assist members.
• Each property has the capacity for 4-7 members families or guests.
• Private Lodging varies in capacity from a one bedroom unit that sleep 2 up to a 3 bedroom 2 bath unit that sleeps 12. Members reserve the lodging unit that best suits their needs.
• All Hunting areas include 1 -5 Stand and feeder areas that you may hunt exclusively during your stay. They vary in size from 150 acres up to 1500 acres depending on the ranch.
• Directions to the Ranches, Maps of hunting areas, pictures of lodging are all provided online.
• Pre Scouting days are available if necessary prior to making reservations. Or call by phone for guide advice. We also post game cam pictures prior to the season online.
• Assistance is available at each location for retrieving or processing game. Should you need it.
• All lodges have fully stocked kitchens and outside bbq pits if you want to cook for yourselves.
• Meal services are available at each lodge if desired. Homestyle Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners. Pay as you go, just like a restaurant. $5 Breakfast, $5 Lunch, $15 Dinner. Under 15 eat free..
• Some of our properties are under MLD3 Deer management and we hunt with a rifle from October until February. On these ranches you use our ranch tags and not the ones from your hunting license.
• Most of our stands will be able to accommodate 2-3 people. Shots are generally not more than 100yd
• We do offer multiple Archery set ups. Pop ups and tree stands.

Adventures, Missions and Retreats
PO Box 827
Keller, Texas 76248
800-277-1647 or 940-393-6200
Website: Http://

Full Family Membership $4,000
Allows for 1 Quality Buck, 1 Management Buck and 2 Does, hogs and 2 Rio Grande Gobblers* Immediate family always welcome or Up to 2 Guests (non family members) Per Trip Hunting Trip. (1) Private lodging
area in our B & B style Lodge. This package includes (8) two day hunting trips and up to 12 one day scouting trips per year along with 12 volunteer work days as scheduled by each ranch. No more than 4 consecutive days. More days and More animals may be added if desired. **
Antler or Horn Only Membership $3,000
Allows for 1 Quality Buck and 1 Management Buck* Immediate family welcome or up to One Guest Per Trip (1) Private Room in our B & B style Lodge. This package includes (8) two day hunting trips and up to 12 one
day scouting trips per year along with 12 volunteer work days as scheduled by each ranch. No more than 4 consecutive days. More days and More animals may be added if desired. **

Meat Hunt Membership $2,500
Allows for Cull Buck or Management Exotic ( guides choice) and 2 does with hogs and varmints* Immediate
family welcome but No Guest Privileges. (1) Private Room in our B & B style Lodge. This package includes (6)
two day hunting trips and up to 12 one day scouting trips per year along with 12 volunteer work days as
scheduled by each ranch. No more than 4 consecutive days. More days and More animals may be added if
desired. **

Custom Memberships and Packages are available starting at $2,500 . Let us create a membership that works
best for you. Give us a Call For Details 800-277-1647 $2500

* Animal Substitutions may be made as follows: A Single Blackbuck male or Axis Buck are equal to a
Combination of a Quality Buck and Management Whitetail Buck,
Axis and Blackbuck Does may be substituted for Whitetail does.

** Additional 2 day Hunting Trips may be purchased if necessary. A Hunting Trip is defined as Arriving at
Noon the first day and hunting that evening, staying the night, hunting morning, afternoon and evening the
second day, staying the night, hunting the morning and leaving by noon on the third day. We offer NOON
check ins on Wednesdays and Fridays with departures by 10 AM on Fridays and Sundays. Please no early
arrivals or late departures without manager approval. This allows for any cleaning of linens, towels etc. $250

You may Purchase these animals in addition to your quota allowed in your membership.

Species Price
Addax $3,500
Aoudad $1,750
Axis Buck $2,000
Axis Doe $500
Blackbuck $2,000
Blackbuck Doe $450
Dybowski Sika $2,500
Elk – Bull $5,000
Elk – Cow $1,500
Fallow Buck $2,000
Fallow Doe $500
Mouflon $2,000
Nilgai $3,500
Rams $1,250
Scimitar Oryx $3,000
Bison $3k-5000
THERMAL HOG & PREDATOR per person per night. Guide, Transportation, Equipment and Ammo Included $300
* Other Exotics available – Call for Prices and Availability

Whitetail Deer Harvest Seasons, Rules and Limits
Bucks must be over 3 1/2 years old for Culls and 5 1/2 years or older for both Management and Quality Class
bucks. Some Ranches are NOT MLD3 yet and harvest is per TPWD Seasons and Rules. We do have 4 ranches
that are MLD3 and have special seasons: Quality Buck Season Begins December 1st thru January 31st each
year. Cull and Management Buck Season is October 1st thru January 31st each year. NOTE: Whitetail Doe
season is from October 1st until November 25th each year. No does are to be harvested after November 25th
Prices Below
are for deer
over your

Cull Buck 3 ½ years or older (Genetically missing one or both brow tines) $750

Management Buck 5 ½ years or older (No more than 8 points ) $1,000

Quality Buck 5 ½ years or older ( 9 Points or Better ) $1,500
Extra Whitetail Doe $250
Additional Services Available if Needed
Guide Services
2 x 1 Guide Service per day $150
1 x 1 Guide Service per day $250
Semi Guide Service – Drop Off – Pick Up Haul Game $50
Game Handling – Pick up, Skin, Quarter and Cape per animal $25
Cold Storage in 2 Walk In Coolers at No Charge.
Upland Game Bird
Quail Package – 20 $100
Quail Package – 30 $150
Pheasant per bird $20
Chukar per bird $10
Mixed Bag – 10 quail, 3 Pheasant, 3 Chukar $125
Dog and Handler per day (3 hunters max) Provides for 2 ½ hour Morning and 2 ½ hour Evening Sessions. $250

Target Shooting
Long Range Gun Range by Reservation No Charge
Skeet 90 Pack – Thrower located at rock quarry at Eldorado by Reservation $8

Meal Service
All Meals served Homestyle in Main Lodge Check with Cook for Menu and Schedule. Ordered at time of

Daily Meal Service – Breakfast Lunch Dinner per person per day $35
Breakfast Only Per Person $5
Lunch Only Per Person $10
Dinner Only Per Person $25
Water, Sodas, Sports Drinks, Coffee, Milk No Charge
Candy, Breakfast Bars, Protein Snacks No Charge
Outside Covered Grill by Reservation No Charge
Outside Covered Grill area at Main Lodge by Reservation No Charge
Pool and Covered Picnic area at Main Lodge Open to all No Charge
All Membership Levels include access to (1) Private Lodging Area and one Private Hunting Area.

Additional Bedroom (2) Adults per night. Extra bedrooms are subject to availability and by Reservation Only. $125
Prices and availability of Animals and Services are subject to change due to Environmental and Market conditions. See the
AMR Hunting Lodge Membership Agreement for complete Rules and Regulations. Contact either Scott Huggins 940-393-6200
or James Baker at 800-277-1647, PO BOX 827 Keller, Texas 76244 email. rev AUG 19