Thank you in advance for your interest in our AMR Volunteer Guides and Cooks Program.

At present, AMR Lodges consists of 6 Lodges and 20,000 plus acres located in Brady, Caddo, Menard, Fort Mckavett and Eldorado Texas. We serve our members and their families that have purchased private hunting lodge packages. We try to staff a minimum of 3 people at each location during our adventure sessions. (Host, Cook and a Guide).

Each Property has the Capacity to Serve up to 16 people.


From October 1st thru February 1st of each year we have 36 two day adventure sessions on the calendar. Not all of the properties are available for all of the sessions (example: Our Brady Properties are only available for 20 sessions, while Eldorado Main and Hideout are available for all 36 sessions)

1 Session = 2 nights of lodging. (Example: Arrive Wednesday after 2 pm. hunt that evening, stay Wednesday night, Hunt Thursday morning afternoon and evening and stay Thursday night. Hunt Friday Morning and depart by noon on Friday) Same goes for a Friday thru Sunday Morning sessions.

Sample day includes:

5:30 AM Cooks, Guides and Hosts up and ready. Quick 10 minute update meeting and then get Coffee and Dry Breakfast out and ready

6 AM Guides take Members out to Hunting Areas/ Cooks prepare Hot Breakfast

7-9 AM Members out in the field and return on their own or with guide with harvest, Guides help clients with harvest recovery and processing of game, Cooks provide Hot/Cold Breakfast Buffet to Members.

10 AM Cooks and Host clean Kitchen, Guides continue serving Members in field and at lodge.

12 pm. Change over Days are Fridays and Sundays. Members leave before noon. Cooks, Guides and Hosts Clean Lodge, Strip Beds  do laundry and make ready for new Member arrivals after 2 pm.

2 pm. On Arrival Days : Wednesdays and Fridays Host and Guides welcome in new arrivals and do Property briefing, safety instructions/ range instructions (zero guns)  and release paperwork.

3:30 PM Members back out into hunting areas, Cooks prepare Dinner

7 – 8 pm Dinner Served. Cooks Clean Kitchen and set out Dry Breakfast for following day. Guides help Member retrieve and process harvested game.

10 pm Lights out.



Volunteer Cooks have access to a fully stocked kitchen and supplies. Must be capable of preparing a Simple Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Menu. Normally cooking for groups from 2-12 persons. Also required to help clean lodge and strip beds.

Volunteer Guides have access to ranch vehicles and processing facilities. Must be able to retrieve harvested game, along with skinning, quartering and trophy prep for customers. Fairly accurate Aging of Whitetails on the hoof is a must… Also required to help clean lodge and strip beds.

Volunteer Hosts help coordinate Cooks, Guides and Members during their stay. Hosts are responsible for the smooth operation of the entire property and must receive training under another Host prior to being able to Host on their own.

Serving as a volunteer is AWESOME! You will enjoy the satisfaction of helping others in the outdoors under a very Family Friendly environment.

YOU will be allowed to keep any tips that you receive during your service.

We also give the following in appreciation for your volunteered service. (Please note that we do not allow for volunteers to both Serve and Hunt during the same Session. Your Volunteer Credit is good for up to 1 year after your volunteer dates )

2 days of volunteering = 1 night stay and harvest of a whitetail or axis doe.

6 days of volunteering = 2 night stay and harvest of a whitetail  buck and  2 doe (no guests).

8 days of volunteering = 4 nights of lodging and 1 exotic male or whitetail buck and 2 doe, 1 Guest Allowed to come with you and share your harvest.

12 days of volunteering = 8 nights of lodging for you and your family with harvest of 2 male and 2 female animals. Immediate family or 1 guest is allowed to come with you and share your harvest.

16 days of volunteering = 1 Full AMR Private Lodge Membership with 16 nights, 2 male and 2 female animals with family and guest privileges at all of our facilities. (It is a $4000 value)

We look forward to serving with you. Should you have any questions. Please call us at 800-277-1647 or email us using the form below.