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Month: September 2015

We Like Sheep

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Ezekiel 34:31 “As for you, My sheep, the sheep of My pasture, you are men, and I am your God,” declares the Lord GOD.

God Calls us sheep. That’s not exactly a compliment. Sheep need shepherds. For a variety of reasons.

They need a shepherd because they tend to stray Sheep aren’t like cows. They need full time supervision.  They wander off, and get into all kinds of trouble.

“All we like sheep have gone astray”

Sheep need a shepherd because they have to be led.

You can’t drive sheep. ” He leads me beside still waters.”

Sheep need shepherds because they can’t carry a burden

In her book, All We Like Sheep, Mary Glynn Peeples said that one of the reasons sheep need a shepherd is because they aren’t capable of carrying heavy loads.  She has a point.  You never see one hitched to a wagon or saddled up with some cargo.

Of course it’s a short leap to make the connection between sheep and us. We really aren’t designed for loads either. Like sheep we do best when we stay light.

Mary tells how her dentist husband, Sam used to worry while trying to establish his practice. Early in their marriage they never took more than three or four day vacations because Sam would get too anxious. She said they were always glad to get home so Sam could go back to work

Then Sam found Jesus. Still, things rocked along they way they had. Sam was still stressed out and the rest of the family lived at the “top of their lungs and the edge of their nerves”. Mary said that one day her Sam picked up the paper on the drive and on the cover was the first picture of planet earth from outer space.  Sam couldn’t believe how small the United States was. He struggled to decipher the location of their home state of Alabama, and then he realized his dental office was not even visible. God suddenly spoke peace to his anxious child. “If I can handle the universe,” God said, “I can handle your dental practice.”

Sam’s mental attitude changed that day. He determined to yield each day to the sovereign Lordship of Christ. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, the worry and anxiety melted away and in its place Sam found peace. Mary said that the old worries still surface from time to time, but when they do Sam simply remembers that picture of earth from outer space. Sam says, “You can’t commit a week or even tomorrow. This is something you need to do daily.”


Who Am I ?

Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh?” —Exodus 3:11

Years ago, world-famous evangelist Billy Graham was scheduled to speak at Cambridge University in England, but he did not feel qualified to address the sophisticated thinkers. He had no advanced degrees and he had never attended seminary. Billy confided in a close friend: “I do not know that I have ever felt more inadequate and totally unprepared for a mission.” He prayed for God’s help, and God used him to share the simple truth of the gospel and the cross of Christ.

Moses also felt inadequate when God recruited him for the task of telling Pharaoh to release the Israelites. Moses asked, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh?” (Ex. 3:11). Although Moses may have questioned his effectiveness because he was “slow of speech” (4:10), God said, “I will certainly be with you” (3:12). Knowing he would have to share God’s rescue plan and tell the Israelites who sent him, Moses asked God, “What shall I say to them?” God replied, “I AM has sent me to you” (vv.13-14). His name, “I AM,” revealed His eternal, self-existent, and all-sufficient character.

Even when we question our ability to do what God has asked us to do, He can be trusted. Our shortcomings are less important than God’s sufficiency. When we ask, “Who am I?” we can remember that God said, “I AM.”

Dear Lord, help me to remember that You are
with me, even when I’m unsure of my own
abilities. Give me the faith to believe that You
can help me to do anything You ask me to do.
You need not be afraid of where you’re going when you know God’s going with you.

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Blind Man and a Father

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In his fine book, Getting Through The Tough Stuff, Chuck Swindoll tells the story about an Episcopalian bishop named William Frey and his experience tutoring a blind student at the University of Colorado.  The year was 1951.  Frey said that every day he would spend a couple of hours reading to John.

“One day I asked him how he lost his sight. He told me of an accident that happened when he was a teenager and how, at that point, he had simply given up on life. ‘When the accident happened and I knew that I would never see again, I felt that life had ended, as far as I was concerned. I was bitter and angry with God for letting it happen, and I took my anger out on everyone around me. I felt that since I had no future, I wouldn’t lift a finger on my own behalf Let others wait on me. I shut my bedroom door and refused to come out except for meals.’


The man I knew was an eager learner and an earnest student, so I had to ask what had changed his attitude. He told me this story. ‘One day, in exasperation, my father came into MY room and started giving me a lecture. He said he was tired of my feeling sorry for myself He said that winter was coming, and it was my job to put up the storm windows. ‘You get those windows up by suppertime tonight, or else!’ he shouted, slamming the door on his way out.


‘Well,’ said John, ‘that made me so angry that I resolved to do it! Muttering and cursing to myself, I groped my way out to the garage, found the windows, a stepladder, all the necessary tools, and I went to work. They’ll be sorry when I fall off the ladder and break my neck, I thought, but little by little, groping my way around the house, I got the job done.”


Then he stopped, and his sightless eyes misted up as he told me, ‘I later discovered that at no time during the day had my father ever been more than four or five feet from my side.’”


You don’t have to be a theologian to connect these dots.


You are the blind child, frustrated and paralyzed by the hurts and heartaches of this life.  God is the loving father, pushing you back into productivity. You don’t like it.  You want to curl up and nurse the hurt. Bitterness and self-sorrow are your crying towel and pacifier.  That’s the easy way.  It’s the natural way.


God won’t allow it.  And so, as a loving father chides his child into obedience, God graciously but firmly goads you back into action.  You feel alone.  Blind.  Helpless.  You aren’t.  Trust me.  As you grope your way through the trouble, God like that loving father, is never far from your side.


Deuteronomy 31:6 says, “Be strong and courageous, do not be afraid or tremble at them, for the LORD your God is the one who goes with you. He will not fail you or forsake you.”


Texas Hunting Lease Report for September 18, 2015


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What’s it Worth

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Here’s what I’ve learned. Price is determined by what you value. What you are willing to pay is determined by what its worth to you.

One winter when I was a youth pastor  we went on a ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado. We hand booked the “Breckenridge Sleigh Ride” which  is a quaint sleigh ride up the mountain in a “handcrafted” sleigh. Ours was a dinner sleigh ride so we rode to the rustic tents then dined on steaks.  It was approaching zero as our teams of sleighs headed out.  It was so cold they had to stop the horses periodically so their lungs wouldn’t freeze. It was wonderful. Circus style large tents kept warm by Franklin stoves in the beautiful Rockies, high above Breckenridge. We ate steaks and laughed and visited. Then it was time to return to our condos.

By now it was dark and the temperature was well below zero. No problem, the sleighs had elk skins to pull over us and we huddled close for warmth.

We arrived back at Beaver Run condos about 11:30. Our condo was on French street, a little over a mile away down the mountain, and then up another ridge. I looked for the mass transit system. It quit running at 11:00. Here I am with 40 people more than a mile from our condo in sub zero conditions.

I looked over and there was a man sitting in a Beaver Run bus, off duty. He was our only hope. I walked up to him and before I could say a word he smirked and said,” $20.00.”   Huh??  He knew!  This was a set up. This had happened before and he used our misfortune to make some extra cash. I was incensed. This was payola. Blood money. Extortion. I reached into my pocket and produced a $20 dollar bill. Then I went back to the group complaining.

One fellow I griped to was Harold Lock. I said, “That guy said he’d take us for $20 bucks. I think he should do it out of the kindness of his heart. It’s only a mile.  20 bucks!!

Harold looked at me and said something I will never forget. “I would have personally paid a hundred.”

We pay for what we value . All of a sudden the kingdom came into sharper focus.  Jesus told us to value the kingdom. He knew this.  If we valued Him then we would give whatever we had to keep it. That’s why he told the story of the pearl of great price. He wanted us to see that His kingdom is worth so much more than anything we’ve got down here. And when we realize it, we’ll pay with our lives.

What you will pay is determined by what its worth to you.

In Colorado at the ski resort. After the sleigh ride. “I’d have given him a hundred.” Harold was the go-to-guy for wisdom.

How much do you value the kingdom?

Living the Adventure  by Bill Dye

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One day I was driving to work listening to news radio. They were talking about the Japanese puffer fish called, Fugu. This particular fish puffs up when threatened and exposes spines that have a neurotoxin that is 1000 times more potent than cyanide. Here’s the kicker. People will still eat this poisonous fish.

Restaurants must have a certificate from the government to be able to serve Fugu.  In San Fransisco there is only one restaurant that is  certified.  A trained Fugu chef must handle the fish. He must  prepare the fish very carefully, if he makes even one tiny  mistake, customers can die.

The way it works is, when you eat fugu,  you get a certificate that says you survived. The joke is, either way you get a certificate.  Whether you eat and survive, or eat anddon”t survive

They interviewed a customer. “Why do you eat Fugu?” They said, ” It gives you a rush.”  The commentator said, “IN truth the only rush is the thought of eating something dangerous.”

Why eat poisonous fish?       Something in us craves danger.

Why do we see so many extreme activities in our world?   We hunger for adventure.

We live in this sanitized society where the only thing anybody wants to fight for anymore is money. That leaves people feeling empty and flat. Money never satisfies what God put in your heart. At the core of it is the desire to know him and then to live the adventure he puts before you.

So we live this nice safe life longing for danger.

The Roller Coaster craze is a safe way to feel dangerous.  So is skydiving, and cliff climbing and base jumping.  Its in us all.

And that’s what’s wrong with church. Church can be boring! Why is that? Its so safe. Boring faith won’t sustain anybody. You were made for adventure. So that means a group like you, that grows up in good families and attends a nice school where you are safe and go to safe churches, are doomed to boring lives.

Unless you make a change.

Church might be boring, but Christianity isn’t.   When you read the bible you  read about adventurers.  The paintings you  see  of Jesus, and Peter and Paul are always peaceful, serene and reflective. Paul in Athens, calmly teaching.  Jesus, quietly sitting.  Truth is,  drag Paul to Mars Hill to debate the eggheads of that day. He’s in an intellectual showdown. Or in  Lystra where he made them so mad they stoned him. Go with him on a sinking ship in the Mediterranean.  Follow him in to a  Roman dungeon. Paul’s life was anything but safe. And it was anything but boring.

Let me read you his resume! 2 Corinthians 11:25-27


25 Three times I was beaten with rods, once I was pelted with stones, three times I was shipwrecked, I spent a night and a day in the open sea, 26 I have been constantly on the move. I have been in danger from rivers, in danger from bandits, in danger from my fellow Jews, in danger from Gentiles; in danger in the city, in danger in the country, in danger at sea; and in danger from false believers. 27 I have labored and toiled and have often gone without sleep; I have known hunger and thirst and have often gone without food; I have been cold and naked.

That’s a man who knew adventure. Jesus was no different.. He lived the adventure. He was no wimp.

Look how they died: Jesus was crucified. Peter was crucified upside down. Timothy was beaten to death by an angry mob on the streets of Ephesus because he confronted them about idolatry. Paul was beheaded. James was stoned. John was the only one to die a natural death. Only after being boiled in hot water and then exiled on Patmos.

But look what they did! Ephesus. One of the seven wonders of the world. Within 200 years it lay in ruins.

They changed the world!  That’s what Christianity is. It isn’t about being nice and safe. It’s about knowing Christ and living the adventure he called you to live. Don’t miss it.


Picking your Guide

Good News with Pastor Bill

2814011521_dfc3b4d7f3_oI heard the story one time of a man who approached an elderly woman on a busy crosswalk. “May I cross with you?”

She was flattered that a young man would be so chivalrous. Of course he could help her across the busy street! So arm in arm they stepped from the curb right in front of a speeding car. Breaks screeched, horns blasted. They kept on, swerving and twisting, gyrating through several near misses. When they finally arrived at the other side the elderly woman was haggard and frustrated, “What is wrong with you! You walk like you are blind!”

He said, “I am! that’s why I asked if I could cross with you!”

This is a powerful illustration of the need for getting a good guide.

My cousin Philip is blind, and we used to play for hours as children. I love him. He had an amazing sense of smell and hearing. If I need someone to help me listen, I pick Philip. But if I need someone to help me see, I get someone else. Philip would make a poor guide to get across a crowded street. When you pick a guide you need someone that can see clearly. Blind guides are deadly. But did you know that’s exactly what Jesus called the religious legalists. Those who put their faith in a religious system were called Blind Guides.

(Matthew 15:14) “Let them alone; they are blind guides of the blind. And if a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit.”

Interesting. Here are men who claim to know the way, and have a lot of people following them, but Jesus said they are blind. Follow them and you will fall into a pit.

Careful who you pick for a guide. This life is complicated. Sometimes it’s like a maze, and you never know what’s coming up. God has given us two good guides to help sort out the complexities of life:

Someone led by the Holy spirit.

(John 14:26) “But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance all that I said to you.

Someone in-tune with the word of God.

(Psalm 119:105) Thy word is a light unto my path


Texas Hunting Lease Report for September 03, 2015

Texas Hunting Lease Report for September 03, 2015

148 Total Listings –  28 New Listings on Today’s Report,

25 Listings Removed from Today’s Report .