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Rediscovering Gravity

14217990329_db761024b9_oIsaac Newton was a little man with a big head. Literally! The back of his head protruded noticeably. They say the painfully reclusive professor cared little about food and even less about clothing. His classes at Cambridge were poorly attended.

One day, Isaac Newton was sitting in a contemplative mood, when in his own words, he “was occasioned by the fall of an apple.”

Using several recent discoveries by Kepler and Piccard, Newton was able to prove that gravity, not ‘crystal’ guided the planets.

Newton set the findings among stacks of other papers and went back to his favorite hobby: trying to turn lead to gold. Enter Edmond Halley. Halley was 14 years younger than Newton and his exact opposite. In 1684 he was working on the orbits of comets when Christopher Wren told him of a theory Newton discussed years earlier.

Halley rushed to Cambridge. Unfortunately, Newton had lost his calculations. He’d discovered gravity and then lost it. So he had to refigure everything.

When Halley read the findings, he instantly recognized their importance. “You must publish this!” Newton was too afraid of the possible public criticism. Halley insisted. He even agreed to personally pay for the publication.

Newton’s laws forever changed the way we understand the universe.

A few years later Halley used Newton’s ideas to plot the course of a certain comet that bears his name.

We still need the kind of vision that Edmond Halley brought to Isaac Newton. We need folks who will open their eyes and see the needs around you and to be willing to get involved, even if it costs you something. That’s what Jesus was all about. And that’s what he taught.

In Luke 10 Jesus told the story of the good Samaritan. Long story short, a man is beaten to within an inch of life. He’s bloodied and bruised. Lying beside the road. the first fellow to pass by is a Priest. He swings wide, too busy to see. The next fellow is a scribe. He passes. The along comes this hated Samaritan. Let me show you what he did:

(Luke 10:33) “But a certain Samaritan, who was on a journey, came upon him; and when he saw him, he felt compassion.”

This day, you will walk out of your house into a world that is teaming with needs. But you have to open your eyes to it. You have to see it. And then you have to be willing to personally do something about it.